We specialise in the design and manufacture of breath sensors that can accurately detect the presence of alcohol on a person's breath. We are proud that our sensors are used in combating drink driving and other unwanted instances of alcohol impairment across the world.
Fuel Cell Sensors - Putting The Heart Into Your Products.

When you are putting a third party sensor in the heart of your detection system you want to be sure that you fit the best sensor possible within your budget. Here at Fuel Cell Sensors we understand the dynamics of how the chamber operates and design our components to match. We are a compact manufacturing facility specialising in the development of sensors for the detection of alcohol on breath also for trans-dermal alcohol detection.

We design, develop and manufacture sensors that meet over 95% of the world's alcohol sensor needs. So you can be sure that we will have a component that will meet your requirements - and at a price that will beat off the competition.

But we know that price alone will not get us your order. Quality has to be the primary driver of component selection. Our rugged testing regime means that you can be sure that all the sensors we supply will meet your strict criteria.

Our Company is closely managed by founder Leigh Wallington, a Chartered Chemist with over 25 years experience in the industry. Leigh can still be found working directly with customers as our Senior Design Engineer to ensure that our components are a perfect match for your assemblies. It is this personal attention that is so often missing from other manufacturers and yet is needed if you want successful component integration.

We work directly with our customers in many different countries. We are dedicated to making the sensor assemblies you need. We do not manufacture our own instrumentation but are the preferred supplier of some of the biggest names that do. At this point you would normally expect us to list some very happy customers. For us however confidentiality is more important than bragging rights.

You will find examples of our work on this website, but for obvious reasons we do not provide details of our full range, as most of them are bespoke to our customers. If you want to build a world beating Breath Alcohol Analyser then you need a quality sensor at the heart of the machine - and that is what we make. To see if we can supply a sensor that matches your specification at a price that will beat the competition, please give us a call.

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